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Iron Hills

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Iron Hills
Physical Description
TypeHill range
LocationEast of Erebor, northwest of Rhûn
Realmsthe Kingdom of Durin's folk
InhabitantsDurin's Folk
DescriptionHill-remnants of the Ered Engrin and a realm of many of Durin's folk

The Iron Hills were a range of hills in the northeast of the known parts of Middle-earth, border-lining Rhûn. There was also a Dwarf-realm located in the hills, led famously by Dáin Ironfoot.


The Hills were mined for thousands of years by the Dwarves being their main supplier of iron. The Dwarf-road of Mirkwood ran northeast to the Hills for the Dwarf-traders that went to and from Khazad-dûm and the Hills.

It officially became a Dwarf-realm in T.A. 2590, when Grór left the Grey Mountains after the Longbeards had had enough of the Dragons that had invaded the mountains. Over hundreds of years it became a great realm, especially after the destruction of Erebor. Before the death of Smaug, the Iron Hills was the main dwelling of Durin's folk in the East, and was also the strongest realm militarily in Wilderland.

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