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Isengard (band)

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*[ Official Myspace]
*[ Official Myspace]
*[ Official Site]
*[ Official Site]
[[Category:Heavy Metal]]
[[Category:Heavy metal]]

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Isengard is a epic melodic power metal band from Vikingstad, Sweden, formed in 1988. The band is notable for being one of the first Tolkien metal bands that inspired a new black metal wave.


  • Ronnie Andréson - Guitars
  • Fredrik Broman- Guitars
  • Janne Goat Tillman - Bass
  • Uffe Tillman - Drums


  • Atomic Winter (Demo, 1992)
  • Feel No Fear (Full-length, 1994)
  • Under The Dragons Wing (EP, 1995)
  • Enter The Dragon Empire (Full-length, 1996)
  • Crownless Majesty (Full-length, 2001)

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