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[[de:Isegrim Tuk II.]]
[[de:Isegrim Tuk II.]]
[[fi:Isengrim II Tuk]]
[[fi:Isengrim II Tuk]]

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The name Isengrim refers to more than one character, item or concept. For a list of other meanings, see Isengrim (disambiguation).
Isengrim Took II
Biographical Information
LocationGreat Smials
BirthS.R. 1020
DeathS.R. 1122
Physical Description

Isengrim Took II was the twenty-second Thain of the Shire.


Isengrim II excavated the Great Smials in Green Hill Country, and it would be the Thain's seat for generations to come.[1] Thainship passed on to his son, Isumbras III.[2]


"Isengrim" is of Anglo-Saxon origin and comes from isen meaning "iron" and grim meaning "fierce".

It is likely Isengrim is named after an earlier Isengrim, but it is notable that "Isengrim" is the name of a wolf who appears in many medieval epics, including the story of Reynard the Fox which originated in French folklore.[3]


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eventually Isumbras Took I
22nd Thain of The Shire
S.R. 1083 - 1122
Followed by:
Isumbras Took III