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Isle of Balar

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Isle of Balar
Physical Description
Locationsouthwest of the Bay of Balar
InhabitantsEldar, Edain
General Information
ReferencesThe Silmarillion

The Isle of Balar was a refugee camp of the Eldar and Edain of Beleriand.

The Isle of Balar was located in the great Bay of Balar to the south of Beleriand, and according to legend it was the northern tip of Tol Eressëa which had broken off when Ulmo ferried the Eldar to Aman. Before the Dagor Bragollach Turgon of Gondolin had had an outpost on the isle, from where he sent some messengers to Aman, but none ever arrived and only one Elf, Voronwë, ever returned to Middle-earth.

After the destruction of the Falas, the Isle of Balar became home to a the survivors of the Havens of the Falas under Círdan. The two refugee camps held close contact, and Círdan assisted Eärendil of Arvernien in building the ship Vingilot (Vingilótë), with which he sought for Valinor, to ask for the pardon of the Valar.

During the War of Wrath, many Sindar and some Ñoldor were camped at the Isle of Balar, and after the war some survivors were gathered there. From there many went to Lindon until the Elves were summoned to Valinor, and the Edain to the new isle of Númenor.

Isle of Balar
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