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Isumbras Took III

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Isumbras Took III
Biographical Information
BirthS.R. 1066
DeathS.R. 1159
ParentageIsengrim Took II
Physical Description

Isumbras Took III was the twenty-third Thain of the Shire, the eleventh of the Took Family.


Isumbras was the son of Thain Isengrim II, and inherited the title at his father's death in S.R. 1122. He had two sons, Ferumbras II and Bandobras, who moved North to Long Cleeve.[1]


"Isumbras" is of French and Anglo-Saxon origin and means "iron-arm". It comes from the French bras meaning "arm", and the Anglo-Saxon and Middle High German word isen which means "iron".[2]

Tolkien likely[source?] got the name from Sir Isumbras, an English medieval romance about a man who suffers a lifetime of hardship but who finds happiness in his latter years.


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Isumbras Took III
Took Family
Born: S.R. 1066 Died: S.R. 1159
Preceded by:
Isengrim Took II
23rd Thain of the Shire
S.R. 1122 - 1259
Followed by:
Ferumbras Took II