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Isumbras Took III

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Isumbras Took III was the eleventh Thain of the Took line, and twenty-third overall, Isumbras succeeded his father Isengrim II. He had two sons, of whom the younger, Bandobras, became famous as the 'Bullroarer'. Isumbras' years as Thain were a time of hardship and privation - his son Bandobras beat back a raiding Orc-band at the Battle of Greenfields, while the end of his Thainship saw the Long Winter fall on the Shire. He was succeeded by his elder son, who became Thain Ferumbras II.

Preceded by:
Isengrim Took II
23th Thain of the Shire
III 2722 - 2759
Followed by:
Ferumbras Took II