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Jackanory is a children's television program on the BBC, in which stories are read to children. Over the years, notable readers have included Judi Dench, Michael Hordern, Martin Jarvis, Ian McKellen and Prunella Scales

The Hobbit

The series featured an series of episodes dedicated to The Hobbit which aired in 1979. The story was adapted by Roger Singleton-Turner, and narrated by Maurice Denham, Jan Francis, David Wood and Bernard Cribbins.

  1. October 1: An Unexpected Party
  2. October 2: Over Hill and Under Hill
  3. October 3: Riddles in the Dark
  4. October 4: Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire
  5. October 5: Flies and Spiders
  6. October 8: Barrels Out of Bond
  7. October 9: Inside Information
  8. October 10: Fire and Water
  9. October 11: The Clouds Burst
  10. October 12: The Last Stage

Due to a copyright battle with the Tolkien Estate, this adaptation was never released on VHS.

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