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James Dunning

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File:James Dunning.jpg
Portrait of the young artist

James Dunning's art is featured in A Tolkienian Mathomium and The Hobbitonian Anthology by Mark T. Hooker, and in the 2011 Beyond Bree Tolkien Calendar. He has read and digested Tolkien's various works for forty years and constructs evolving mental landscapes of scenes in Middle-earth. He has tried to depict Tolkien themes presented in the Mathomium in a style consistent with J.R.R. Tolkien's own illustrative style. He also has contributed several articles to Beyond Bree, Lembas and Translating Tolkien: Text and Film. His paranormal romantic suspense novel The Bright Lady and the Astral Wind, narrating an encounter with a Galadriel in contemporary Middle-earth, was issued in late July 2011.[1]




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