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James D. Allan (Jim Allan; b. 1945) published books and articles on Tolkien in the 1970s, primarily on linguistics. His An Introduction to Elvish was the first book-length publication on Tolkien's invented languages. His surname is sometimes wrongly printed as Allen with an e.

In the late 70s Jim was moderator of the Toronto branch of the Mythopoeic Society which in the early 80s became the Fantasy, Folklore, and Mythology Discussion Group, not particularly connected with Tolkien.

Jim was editor of Mythprint (with Elliott Grassett, Karen Pearlston, and Dorothy Tate) in part of 1975/1976 and the same group served as data production editors on Mythlore 12, Mythlore 13, Mythlore 14, and Mythlore 15 (June, 1976 to March, 1977.

Since the late 90s Jim has been active on many web forums, usually using the logins Jallan, jallan, Jallanite, or jallanite.

He is currently (2012) an active member of the Wellinghall (Toronto) Smial of The Tolkien Society.

The following listing only includes his writings on J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.




Tolkien Fanzines[note 1]




  1. Fanzines privately circulated to less than twenty persons.