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Johan Vanhecke

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* [[1981]]: [[Amon Hen 50|''Amon Hen'' 50]]
** "Uyldert Review"
*[[1981]]: [[Mallorn 17|''Mallorn'' 17]]
*[[1981]]: [[Mallorn 17|''Mallorn'' 17]]
**"Mandala Symblism in ''The Lord of the Rings'': A First Approach"
**"Mandala Symblism in ''The Lord of the Rings'': A First Approach"

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John Vanhecke, from Belgium, is curator of the AMVC-Letterenhuis, the Flemish literary archive. He has published several books and articles on Flemish literature and folklore.[1] Vanhecke joined The Tolkien Society in 1979 (and later also other societies) and has published about J.R.R. Tolkien in Belgium, The Netherlands, Great Britain, USA and Poland.

In 1992, Vanhecke organized a successful Tolkien exhibition in Antwerp, Belgium, and he is the author of the Dutch book In de ban van de hobbit ("Under the spell of the hobbit").





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