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Physical Description
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Kíli (Third Age 2864 - 2941, 77 years old) was the brother of Fíli, nephew of Thorin and the son of Dís. Kíli was killed in the Battle of Five Armies, along with Fíli as they defended their mortally wounded uncle.



Kíli is a dwarf from the Dvergatal. It can mean "Wedge" or "One who uses a wedge"; it is of Frisian or Low German origin rather than Old Norse.[1]


Thráin II
Thorin II

Portrayal in Adaptations

1968: The Hobbit (1968 radio series):
Kíli is played by Nicholas Edmett.

1977: The Hobbit (1977 film):

Kíli's voice is provided by Jack DeLeon.

1979: The Hobbit (1979 radio series):

No actor is specified for the role of Kíli.

1982: The Hobbit (1982 video game):

Kíli is omitted; Thorin is the only companion of the player, Bilbo Baggins.[2]

2003: The Hobbit (2003 video game):

No actor is credited for the role of Kíli, but it appears to be Alister Duncan.

2012-3: The Hobbit films:

Kíli will be played by Aidan Turner.


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