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Karolina Stopa-Olszańska

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Karolina "Melinir" Stopa-Olszańska is a member of the Polish Tolkien Society, and an illustrator whose work has been published in several Polish J.R.R. Tolkien calendars.





  • 2005: Aiglos III
    • "The Kalevala and Tolkien, Tolkien and The Kalevala"
  • 2005: Aiglos Special Issue
    • "The Kalevala and Tolkien, Tolkien and The Kalevala"
  • 2006: Aiglos V
    • "The Tale"
  • 2006: Aiglos VI
  • 2007: Aiglos VII
    • "A Few Words on (Not Only) Gandalf"
  • 2008: Aiglos IX
    • "Doom, Destiny, Fate – a Short Consideration of the Problem of Fate, Free Will and Providence in The Lord of the Rings"


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