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The son of Mîm and brother of Ibun, who were the last of the Petty-dwarves to survive in Middle-earth. One day, when out travelling with his father and brother, the three were set upon by Túrin's outlaw band. With Ibun, Khîm fled into the mist, but a stray arrow fired by one of the outlaws struck him as he fled. Though he escaped back to Mîm's halls beneath Amon Rûdh - no doubt with his brother's help - his wound was mortal, and he died before his father returned.

Túrin and his companions came to dwell in Mîm's house, which became known as the House of Ransom, in part because of Khîm's premature death. The archer who shot him, an outlaw named Andróg, was cursed by Mîm, and forced to break his bow.