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King Under the Mountain (minigame)

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King under the Mountain (minigame).png
King Under the Mountain
Video game
DeveloperBlockdot Games[1], Turbine
Release date2008

King Under the Mountain was the first game in a series of minigames that were made to promote Turbine's Mines of Moria. The minigame was published in 2008 on the Mines of Moria's official site, people could play the game by creating a account for free.[2] Players of The Lord of the Rings Online has the possibility to link this account to their LOTRO account, with abled them to get special in-game rewards after they completed a deed.[2] It is not possible to play the minigames anymore, since Mines of Moria's official site has been taken ofline.



The game has both a singleplayer and a multiplayer, in with maximal 6 people can participate.[2] The player has to conquer all regions of Moria in 15 turns. A faction is defeated when he has lost all his regions. If not all factions have been defeated at the game's end, then the player with the most regions wins.[2] After each turn reinforcements are randomly placed in different regions.[1]


In King Under the Mountain there are three deeds that need to be completed:

  • Durin's Crown: Win three battles after each other.[1]
  • Warmonger: Conquer hundred regions.[1]
  • High roller: Roll thrirty or higher in twenty battles.[1]


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