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King of Rhovanion was a title claimed by Northmen rulers of Rhovanion.

Vidugavia, a prince of the Northmen, in the 13th century of the Third Age claimed such a title, and his realm, the "Kingdom of Rhovanion", was between Greenwood and the River Running. However, even if he was the most powerful of the many Northern princes, he never truly unified all the Northmen under his claimed kingship.[1]

Vidugavia had a line of successors, and it seems that they continued to style themselves "King of Rhovanion" after Vidugavia's time. The realm of the "kings of Rhovanion" lay beyond Mirkwood before the invasions of the Wainriders (T.A. 1851).[2][note 1] In T.A. 1856, Vidugavia's descendant Marhwini led his people out of Rhovanion to resettle in the Vales of Anduin.[3] The Lords of the Éothéod therefore claimed descent from those kings of Rhovanion.[2]

Around T.A. 1975, "proud princes of Rhovanion"[note 2] with their horses of the Vales of Anduin joined the Host of the West under Prince Eärnur.[1]


  1. This implies that the kingdom lasted until the Wainrider invasions, and that lord Marhari was a "king" during this time.
  2. Those were either Éothéod, or perhaps some other line that claimed the Kingship after Marhwini abandoned Rhovanion.


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