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The Kingodm of Dale was a city state formed in the [[Thrid Age]] by Northmen
The Kingodm of Dale was a city state formed in the [[Third Age]] by Northmen
== Geographpy ==
== Geographpy ==

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This article is about The Kingdom of Dale. For the The location, see Dale.
Kingdom of Dale
General information
LocationNorthern Wilderland, between the southwest & southeast arms of Erebor

The Kingodm of Dale was a city state formed in the Third Age by Northmen



The Kingdom of Dale was established in the Northen Wilderland, just south of the mount Erebor, near the banks of river Celduin.


The Old Kingdom of Dale was most propably formed around the year 2590 of the Third Age by the Northmen who lived in that area for centuries. That was the age when Thor brought his people back to Erebor. The Men of Dale may therefore have benefitted from an influx of neighboring peoples who hoped to trade with, inviting all their relatives from all over the region to join them, forming the city of Dale. Dale saw great rise until the year 2758, the time of the Great Winter. This is propably the date when the first mentioned King of Dale, Blaorthin, died and his succesor, Girion became King.

In the year 2770 Smaug attacked Dale, killing Girion and ruining the Kingdom for 172 years.

After the Battle of Five Armies, the Kingdom was Refounded by Bard the Bowman, who was later named Bard I

Dale was sacked for a second time during the War of the Ring by invaders from Mordor and the Easterlings. The people of Dale took refuge in Erebor with the Dwarves, and it was during the Battle of Dale that King Dáin II Ironfoot of Erebor and King Brand of Dale were slain. However, after the fall of Sauron, the siege was broken and Dale rebuilt once more, though it was never restored to its former glory, partly because of the weakening of the dwarves who lived in Erebor.


As almosty every clan of the Northmen, the men of Dale were allied with the Numenorians, who civilized them after the reign of Turambar. They were also friendly with the Dwarves of Erebor and the Men of Esgaroth.


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