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Kings of Arthedain

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The Kings of Arthedain were the hereditary rulers of Arthedain, a splinter kingdom of Arnor.

They were descended from Amlaith the eldest son of Eärendur the last King of Arnor. Following the destruction of the other two northern Dúnedain kingdoms, Cardolan and Rhudaur, the kings of Arthedain claimed the title King of Arnor. Practically speaking, however, their power was limited to the land of Arthedain which gradually diminished over the course of their seven hundred-year struggle with Angmar.

Angmar finally triumphed over Arthedain in T.A. 1974 with the destruction of Fornost. The son of the last king, Arvedui, chose not to claim the kingship and instead became the first Chieftain of the Dúnedain.

The Kings of Arthedain were:

  1. Amlaith, T.A. 861946, eldest son of Eärendur, tenth King of Arnor.
  2. Beleg, T.A. 9461029.
  3. Mallor, T.A. 10291110.
  4. Celepharn, T.A. 11101191.
  5. Celebrindor, T.A. 11911272.
  6. Malvegil, T.A. 12721349.
  7. Argeleb I, T.A. 13491356.
  8. Arveleg I, T.A. 13561409 .
  9. Araphor, T.A. 14091589.
  10. Argeleb II, T.A. 15891670.
  11. Arvegil, T.A. 16701743.
  12. Arveleg II, T.A. 17431813.
  13. Araval, T.A. 18131891.
  14. Araphant, T.A. 18911964.
  15. Arvedui, T.A. 19641974, last king of the north kingdom.

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