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Kings of Khazad-dûm

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1. The first King of Khazad Dum was Durin the Deathless who founded the greatest of the Dwarf kingdoms.

2. Durin II, who their is no information given by Tolkien.

3. Durin III, who we know was given one of the Seven Rings by Celebrimbor.

4. Durin IV, who closed the Doors of Durin when Sauron plundered Eregion in 1697 T.A. Him and a host of Dwarves also fought in the War of the Last Alliance alongside Elves and Men.

5. Durin V, who we really don't know anything about.

6. Durin VI, was king when the Dwarves delved to deep in the earth to find Mithril and awoke the Balrog or Durin's Bane as it was called by Durin's folk. He was killed shortly after it's release in 1980 T.A.

7. Nain I, was king for nearly a year before he too was killed by the Balrog in 1981 T.A..

8.Durin VII, was said to have returned to Moria in the early Fourth Age but Tolkien may have abandoned this idea.