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Kings of Rhudaur

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The Kings of Rhudaur were the hereditary rulers of Rhudaur, a splinter kingdom of Arnor.

The first king of Rhudaur was the third and youngest son of Eärendur who following his father's death in T.A. 861 disputed the ascension of his elder brother Amlaith to the throne and declared himself king of an independent realm.

Rhudaur itself was the most isolated and inhospitable of the northern kingdoms, and it would seem that a significant number of the king's subjects were native Hill-men who resented rule by Númenóreans. At some point after T.A. 1300Template:Ref this group, with the support of Angmar, usurped the throne of Rhudaur and drove out the Dúnedain. The usurped dynasty, if any survived, presumably sought refuge in Arthedain or Cardolan.

The Hill-men Kings of Rhudaur ruled for some time as vassals of Angmar. Apparently however they were not very successful as by T.A. 1409 the region was almost completely depopulated. At this time Rhudaur was finally annexed by Angmar and the its kingship was terminated.

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