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[[Category: Titles]]
[[Category: Titles]]
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[[fi:Rohanin kuninkaat]]

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The Kings of Rohan were the monarchs of the realm Rohan, descendants of the Northmen.



All of the Kings were of the same dynasty, the House of Eorl, divided into separate Lines when a king was not succeeded by his direct male descendant (in both cases the sister-son of the king ascended the throne).

First Line

1. Eorl the Young, son of Léod 25102545
2. Brego 25452570
3. Aldor the Old 25702645
4. Fréa 26452659
5. Fréawine 26592680
6. Goldwine 26802699
7. Déor 26992718
8. Gram 27182741
9. Helm Hammerhand 27412759
Helm's two sons were killed by the Dunlendings during the Long Winter.
His sister-son, Fréaláf Hildeson, became the first king of the second line.

Second Line

10. Fréaláf Hildeson 27592798
11. Brytta Léofa 27982842
12. Walda 28422851
13. Folca the Hunter 28512864
14. Folcwine 28642903
15. Fengel 29032953
16. Thengel 29532980
17. Théoden Ednew 29803019
Théoden's only son, Théodred, was slain at First Battle of the Fords of Isen.
His sister-son, Éomer, became the first King of the third line.

Third Line

18. Éomer Éadig 3019Fourth Age 63
19. Elfwine 63 – ?

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