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'''ÁLAK-''' is a stem that means ''rushing''.
'''Á-LAK-''' is a stem that means ''rushing''.
*[[Primitive Quendian]]: ''[[alâkô]], [[alkwâ]]''
* [[Quenya]]: ''[[Alqua]]''
* [[Quenya]]: ''[[alqua]], [[Alqualonde]]''
* [[Sindarin]]: ''[[Alph]]'', ''[[Alagos]]'', ''[[Ancalagon]]''
*[[Telerin]]: ''[[alpa]]''
*[[Old Sindarin]]: ''[[alpha]]''
* [[Sindarin]]: ''[[alph]], [[Swanfleet|Nîn-in-Eilph]], [[alag]]'', ''[[alagos]]'', ''[[Ancalagon]]''

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Á-LAK- is a stem that means rushing.