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Lamedon was a region and fiefdom in southern Gondor.

Lamedon was a series of valleys lying south of the White Mountains. Its chief town was the city of Calembel, where Aragorn and the host of the Dead camped during their journey to Pelargir during the War of the Ring.

The river Ciril flowed south through Lamedon.

At the end of the Third Age, its lord was the Angbor, who did not send any men to Minas Tirith, as he and his men tried to defend the southern city of Linhir near the mounds of the river Gilrain against Southrons from Umbar and Harad. Therefore only some scattered 'woodsmen' came to Minas Tirith's aid from Lamedon.

Lamedon was one of the most densely populated regions of Gondor.