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Last Stand of Balin's Colony

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{{battle |image= |name=Last Stand of Balin's Colony |conflict=Incursion of the Orc's on Balin's Colony in Moria |date=[[Third Age 2994|TA 2994}}, Possibly in late November or December |place=The Chamber of Mazarbul in Moria |result=Extermination of Balin's Colony in Moria |side1=Balin's Colony of Dwarves from Erebor |side2=Orcs, maybe Trolls |commanders1=


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|forces1=Likely a few dozen Dwarves of Balin's Expedition |forces2=Likely hundreds of Orcs from the Misty Mountains, and maybe Trolls |casual1=All of them |casual2=Unknown }} The Last Stand of Balin's Colony was the final confrontation that took place between Balin's Colony of Dwarves, and the Orcs of the Misty Mountains in the Chamber of Mazarbul in TA 2994.


Four years after bringing a group of Dwarves from Erebor to attempt to resettle the once Dwarf-city of Khazad-dûm, Balin was killed by an Orc arrow while peering into Lake Mirrormere, and his people became immediately engaged with many Orcs coming of up the Silverlode River. After a continuous retreat from the East-gate and First Hall, then the Bridge of Khazad-dûm and Second Hall, the remaining Longbeards were forced all the way back into the Twenty-first Hall. After an unsuccessful attempt to escape through the Doors of Durin that saw the death of Óin, the Chamber of Mazarbul became the last hold-out of the Colony after losing the Twenty-first Hall just outside chamber. Barring the gates, Ori and the few survivors set up a final defense.

The Battle

As the Orcs were besieging the chamber, Ori wrote his final account of Colony's history in the Book of Mazarbul. Soon after the Orcs breached the doors, and Ori and his kinsmen made their final stand at both entrances; eventually succumbing to the onslaught of Orcs, and their treasures plundered, and their bodies left desecrated.


With the Colony obliterated, no news or reports came to Erebor, and concern grew as the years past. after 24 years, King Dáin Ironfoot sent Glóin, the brother of Óin, to Rivendell to see if Lord Elrond would have any information. Glóin's son Gimli later went to Moria with the Company of the Ring and discovered the Chamber of Mazarbul, Book of the same name, and truth as to what happened to his kinsmen.