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Laura Grubb

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Laura Grubb
Biographical Information
BirthS.R. 1214
DeathS.R. 1316
Physical Description
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Laura Grubb (T.A. 2814 - 2916, died aged 102) was a sister of Lavender Grubb, she married Mungo Baggins and had five children; the eldest was Bilbo Baggins' father Bungo.


From T.A. 2900 to T.A. 2916 Laura Grubb was the official matriarch of the Baggins Family.


Laura is the female form of Latin laurus "bay, laurel tree".

Portrayal in Adaptations

2003: The Hobbit (2003 video game):

Five portraits are clustered on a wall in Bag End. One of them is Laura, and one of Bilbo's lines when looking at the portraits is "That's my Gammer Laura. She was a Grubb before she married a Baggins".