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Lawrence Makoare

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* [ Wikipedia Profile]
* [ Wikipedia Profile]
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Lawrence Makoare

New Zealand actor Lawrence Makoare (born 1968) played Lurtz and Gothmog in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. He was also the stand-in for Brent McIntyre as the Witch-king during the battle scene with Éowyn in The Return of the King.


"My whole body, literally head to toe was covered in prosthetics. The head came in 5 pieces, the body came in all different stages, my arms, and my chest was glued on, my legs, feet, fingers, and hands! Every-single-part of my body was completely covered!"
― Lawrence Makoare, interview
"(on losing a limb to Aragorn) "It was really weird, I thought they would use a blue sock or something to cover my arm, so they can use the blue screen effect, but they didn't. We were in the forest just like you see it, I was asking them if they want me to hold my arm behind my back and the WETA digital guys just said 'no it's ok, we'll take care of it later'."
― Lawrence Makoare, interview

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