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Lay of Leithian Canto I

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Lay of Leithian cantos
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This first Canto of the Lay of Leithian tells of Elu Thingol, and Lúthien Tinúviel and Doriath. It runs to 98 lines, the shortest canto save the last, unfinished one.

Concerning the Canto

This canto starts out with one of the more popular paragraphs, concerning Thingol. The descriptions of jewels is contrasted with the love of his daughter, whose description soon follows. Then it introduces Endor and orients the reader.

Esgalduin that fairies call / in many a tall and torchlit hall

Note the reference to fairies, not uncommon in older works. One thing about the Lay is that it commonly connects Beleriand and Faërie.

Note also that the name of Dairon is spelt here with an "i", as opposed to Daeron of later works.