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Lay of Leithian Canto XI

Beren and Lúthien approach Angband by Ted Nasmith (Note:this does not conform exactly to the description in this canto
Lay of Leithian cantos
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This Canto starts with a description of Dor-na-Fauglith, naming it the "Land of Thirst". Upon this plain Beren gazes, and sees afar Thangorodrim. Then Beren gives the horse of Curufin leave to depart, last of the horses to stand upon that plain. Then he sings his Song of Farewell, "grim-hearted, bitter, fierce and fey". But as he ends and begins to stride down toward death, Lúthien Tinúviel comes. Beren wonders, and asks where Huan is, but Lúthien knows not. Then Huan came, and he brought forth two bodies and laid them at their feet: that of Draugluin, and that of a vampire, Thuringweil. Beren asked why he brought them, if just as trophies of their victory over Thû. But Huan spoke for only the second time in his life, and declares that they must donn on the raiments and sneak into Angband. With Elvish magic Lúthien causes them to take on the shape of the bodies, and then they stumble across the thirty desert of Dor-na-Fauglith. At last they reach the gates and towers of Angband, and enter the roots of Thangorodrim and the dread gates.