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Lego (trademarked in capitals as LEGO) is a line of construction toys manufactured by the Danish company Lego Group.

On 16 December 2011 it was announced that Lego sets based on The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy and The Hobbit films will be released. The first of Lego The Lord of the Rings will be released in June 2012, while sets of Lego The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey will be released latter that year.[1]



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‎While Lego had released several themed sets over the years from licensed film franchises such as Star Wars and Harry Potter, there had been no official set themed around The Lord of the Rings untill 2012.


In 2010, Wesley Yin-Poole, interviewing LEGO Harry Potter producer Loz Doyle, wrote that "[Doyle] refused to deny that a LEGO Lord of the Rings or a LEGO The Hobbit game is in development" but admitted a LEGO game based on the New Line Cinema films and Tolkien books "'would definitely work'".[2]

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Fanmade Fellowship

A Wikia user claimed to have found a bit of evidence for a Lego The Lord of the Rings video game, when discovering key words ("LOTR Ring") within the program files of Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game. However, other Wikia users remarked that those key words might have another meaning within the files.[3]


  • Tolkien fans, despite the lack of official products, have nevertheless been creative on modifying and assembling Lego bricks to resemble characters, and even cities, from Tolkien's legendarium.

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