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Legolas (elf of Gondolin)

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"there are Tolkien's latest thoughts, his best thoughts, and his published thoughts and these are not necessarily the same." — Tolkien's Legendarium
This article is non-canon.

Legolas of Gondolin was a Noldo of Gondolin. He was one of the House of the Tree, a scout under Galdor. Because of his keen eyes and knowledge of the mountainous area, he was chosen by the escapees of the Fall of Gondolin to be in front and guide them across the Cristhorn.

He is probably not the same Legolas as Legolas of Mirkwood (see argument on that article). Their shared title, "Greenleaf", is merely a translation of their name. Like many of the names from his earlier tales, it is possible that Tolkien recycled this one. It may also be suggested that Legolas of Mirkwood was named after this famous elf of the ancient legends, the Sindar possibly not having the same reservations about reusing names as the Noldor.