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Letter to Leila Keene and Pat Kirke

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Leila Keene and Pat Kirke 3 August 1943.jpg

Leila Keene and Pat Kirke 3 August 1943 is a letter from J.R.R. Tolkien to the schoolgirls Leila Keene and Pat Kirke (readers of The Hobbit), written on 3 August 1943.[1]


"... It was a sort of lingua-franca, made up of all sorts of languages, but the Elvish language (of the North West) for the most part. It was called the Western language or Common Speech; and in Bilbo's time had already passed eastward over the Misty Mountains and reached Lake Town, and Beorn, and even Smaug (dragons were ready linguists in all ages). ..."[2]


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