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Template:Youmay Lembas is the title of the journal of the Dutch Tolkien Society (Tolkien Genootschap Unquendor). Lembas is released five times a year. Beyond Bree usually has a summary of the contents in English.

Issues of Lembas Extra

Listing of Lembas Extra, the annual journal of Lembas.

  • 1985: (no subtitle, three articles in English, two in Dutch)
  • 1986: (no subtitle, one Dutch article in an otherwise English issue)
  • 1987: Tolkien and the Spirit of the Age, Proceedings of Unquendor's First Lustrum Conference 1986 (completely in English, this was officially not part of the Lembas Extra series, in practice however it can be regarded as Lembas Extra 1987 in all but name)
  • 1988: Motieven in Midden-aarde [Motifs in Middle-earth] (Dutch only)
  • 1990: Elrond's Holy Round Table
  • 1991: (no subtitle, actually the proceedings of Unquendor's second Lustrum Conference 1991)
  • 1992: (no subtitle, one article in Dutch)
  • 1993/94: (no subtitle)
  • 1995: (no subtitle)
  • 1996: (no subtitle)
  • 1998: Proceedings of Unquendor's Third Lustrum Conference 1996
  • 2001: A Tolkien Odyssey, Proceedings of Unquendor's Fourth Lustrum Conference 2001
  • 2002: (no subtitle, one English article in an otherwise completely Dutch issue)
  • 2004: (no subtitle)
  • 2008: Proceedings of the 5th Unquendor Lustrum, Baarlo 9 - 11 June, 2006
  • 2009: Tolkien in Poetry and Song