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Letter to Miss Kilbride

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Miss Kilbride 24 December 1938.png

Miss Kilbride 24 December 1938 is a letter from J.R.R. Tolkien to his friend and former student Miss (Katherine or Kitty) Kilbride, written on 24 December 1938.[1]

  • Subject: Personal greetings. News of the hardships suffered that year and of his family, and complaining abut the state of Oxford in the age of Morris Motors.[2]
  • Description: Postcard (reproducing in colours Josef Madlener's Heilige Familie), one page, closely written in a minute hand.[2]
  • Publication: A reproduction of and quotes from the letter appeared in the auction catalogue Bonhams Books, Maps, Manuscripts and Historical Photographs 12 June 2012.


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