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Light of Valinor

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The Light of Valinor was a term that referred not only to the glorious, unsullied light of the Two Trees, but also to the pure wisdom and understanding that those living in the Blessed Realm possessed. Tolkien wrote that "the Light of Valinor (derived from light before any fall) is the light of art undivorced from reason, that sees things both scientifically (or philosophically) and imaginatively (or subcreatively) and 'says that they are good' - as beautiful."

The Light of Valinor appeared to be a quality that the inhabitants of Aman could spread to others: the Eldar who went there and were instructed by the Valar gained much wisdom and beauty, so that they surpassed all other Elven races in greatness. When the Noldor came back to Middle-earth in the First Age, they spread the Light of Valinor that was in them to the Edain, so that the Edain became a nobler people.