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List of books in Tolkien's library

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This page is a list of books in Tolkien's library, that is, books known to have been owned by J.R.R. Tolkien.


Altschwedische Grammatik Mit Einschluss des Altgutnischen

  • 1904: Altschwedische Grammatik Mit Einschluss des Altgutnischen, by Adolf Noreen. Halle.
  • Description: Original cloth. Signed in ink on the end paper.[1]

The Children's Treasury of Literature

Diplomatarium Islandicum

  • 1857-76: Diplomatarium Islandicum. Islenzkt Bornbrefasafn... Volume One 834 - 1264. Kaupmannohofn.
  • Bound in contemporary half calf. With the bookplate of the historian Charles Plummer, Tolkien's note reads "bt from..." and "by J.R.R. Tolkien" in ink. Loosely inserted are a couple of scraps of paper with notes by Tolkien (see Diplomatarium Islandicum manuscripts).[1]

Germanische Sprachwissenschaft

  • 1911: Germanische Sprachwissenschaft, by Dr. Richard Loewe. Series: Sammlung Göschen. Leipzig: G.J. Göschen'sche Verlagshandlung.
  • Description: Signed by Tolkien on the top of the inside front page (J.R.R. Tolkien Exeter Coll) and has the "From the Library of J.R.R. Tolkien" sticker at the bottom left of the inside cover. Several pages with annotations in pencil (in the hand of Tolkien); pages 80, 88, 101. Some small corrections added in black ink on page 133.[3]

Guinevere: A Study of Her Abductions

  • 1951: Guinevere: A Study of Her Abductions, by Kenneth G. T. Webster. Milton, Massachusetts: The Turtle Press.
  • Description: Inscribed on the title page in pen and ink: "Professor Tolkien / from Deborah and Deborah Webster / with our admiration & respect".[4]

Hávarðar saga Ísfirðings

Heiðreks Saga

Histoire de la Litterature latine chretienne

  • 19??: Histoire de la Litterature latine chretienne, by Pierre de Labriolle
  • Description: Signed by Tolkien in pencil to the front free endpaper.[5]

Les Juifs d'Espagnes

  • 1872: Les Juifs d'Espagnes, by Docteur H. Graetz. Paris.
  • Description: Bound in contemporary calf. Signed in pencil on the end paper, with an additional note "purchased at [unreadable...], prob. in 1920s".[1]

Den Oldnorske og Oldislandske Litteraturs Historie

  • 1920-3: Den Oldnorske og Oldislandske Litteraturs Historie, by Finnur Jónsson. Kobenhavn.
  • Description: Three volumes bound in two in contemporary calf. Each volume is signed twice; once on the front pastedown and once on the verso of the front free end paper.[1]

Scandinavian Archaeology

  • 1937: Scandinavian Archaeology, by Haakon Shetelig and Hjalmar Falk; translated by E.V. Gordon. Oxford.
  • With a typed note "with the compliments of Professor E.V. Gordon." Signed in pencil on the end paper with the additional note in Tolkien's hand "from EVG."[1]

Specimens Of Early English

  • 1935: Specimens Of Early English, by Richard Morris and Walter Skeat, part I, Oxford, 1886, repr. 1935, xcix-554 p.
  • Signed by Tolkien, apparently the third owner of the book. It is covered with a lot of notes, especially the chapter "The Ancren Riwle", but generally from the hands of students.[6][note 1]


Photos of Specimens Of Early English
Tolkien's signature  
Handwritten notes  
Handwritten notes  
Handwritten notes  

Swords & Sorcery


  1. While the book has been certified by Hammond and Scull as being from Tolkien's library, it remains unknown if all notes were made by other owners/students, or if it includes notes by Tolkien.


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