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Lord of Ladros

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The Lord of Ladros was a position over Ladros, a highland region of Dorthonion, held by men of the House of Bëor. The first Lord of Ladros was Boromir, followed by his son Bregor and grandson Bregolas. After Dorthonion was overrun during the Dagor Bragollach and the death of Bregolas, Barahir took over the last of those faithful to him and fled out into the wilds of Dorthonion. Beren Erchamion, the last male descendant of the line of Ladros, fled the region never to return. Ultimately, if the position were renewed, Húrin Thalion would probably have been the heir, being the husband of Morwen Eledhwen, the granddaughter of Bregolas through his son Baragund, who died with his uncle Barahir during the Massacre at Tarn Aeluin.