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Lords of Andúnië

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Lord of Andúnië was a title of the Númenórean lords of the shoreland region of Andúnië in western Númenor; descended from Tar-Elendil, the fourth King of Númenor, and ancestors of the Kings of Gondor and of Arnor.

The Lords of Andúnië were the highest lords of the Island and chief councellors of the Kings of Númenor. Their symbol of office was a silver sceptre which was afterwards held by the Kings of Arnor. The Lords also had inherited the Ring of Barahir from the First Age and were given the Palantiri by the Elves.

When the Shadow fell on the Kingdom, the Lords remained Faithful and became the leaders of the Elf-friends but still retained their office.

Lords of Andúnië

1. Valandil S.A. 630 – c. 870
2-14. Unknown ??? – ???
15. Eärendur ??? – ???
16. Unknown ??? – ???
17. Númendil ??? – S.A. 3065
18. Amandil S.A. 3065 – c. 3300
Amandil was later stripped of his titles by Ar-Pharazôn for supporting the Faithful. His descendants would go on to found the Kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor.