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Lothlórien (chapter)

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Lothlorien is the sixth chapter of the second book in The Fellowship of the Ring.


The company moves on and comes to Durin's stone. They look into the blue waters of Mirrormere, then proceed to Lothlorien, land of the Elves. Sam and Frodo, who are hurt, are carried on the backs of Boromir and Aragorn (Strider). The company rests for a while and when Sam's wound is examined Aragorn realizes that it will heal fast.

In the forest of Lothlorien, the travelers decide to rest. The Elves of the forest welcome them, and for safety's sake, they blindfold Gimli (since Elves do not like Dwarves). The company climbs up two trees and spends the night there. Late at night a company of Orcs passes by.

The next day Aragorn decides that since Gimli must be blindfolded, they will all proceed with blindfolds. Later in the day a message comes from the Lord and Lady of Galadrim, welcoming them all, so that no one needs blindfolds. The forest is exquisite and the company admires it. They are told that a strange creature is roaming the forest but since it has not been seen, they do not know if it is good or evil. The company has seen the heart of Elvendom and felt the wonderful power of the Lady of the Galadrim.