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Luthany, also known as Lúthien or Leithian is a name of a land mentioned in Tolkien's The Book of Lost Tales. In that early version of his legendarium, Luthany became England.

Before Luthany became an island, the Elves sought refuge after the wars of the Elder Days. Locations on Luthany were Kortirion and Tavrobel. But when Luthany was invaded by the Rumhoth (Romans), the Elves returned to Tol Eressea. There, they continued to speak the language of Luthany.

Its King was Inwë (or Ing) and he was driven east over the sea by Ossë and became ruler of some peoples. Their descendants, called Angles, Saxons, Jutes (but not Frisians) eventually returned to Luthany, now separated from the Great Lands by a channel as an island.

When Eriol traveled from Britain to Tol Eressea, the Elves narrated to him the tales of the Elder Days and the origins of Luthany.

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Luthany seems to be an Anglicized version of the Elvish name Lúthien (and Leithian); it is said to mean "friendship",[source?] named after the friendship of Men and Elves.


The name Luthany is mentioned by Francis Thomson.