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már (pl. mardi)[1][2] and its alternative forms -mar, -bar, means "house, home, dwelling, family" in Quenya.

It also refers to a "House" as in "family line, dynasty" (cf. Mardil Voronwë), or poetically to the world (cf. Ambar).


From root MBAR "dwelling, habitation".[3]

The hyphen indicates that the last letter was a short vowel but we cannot know which, since it was lost in Quenya.[source?]

Other forms

  • Mardello "from home" (poet. "World")


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The above article suggests that már (mard-) is one word that refers to "home, family" and poetically to the "world" (Ambar).[source?]

Helge Fauskanger believes that már is unlikely to have the stem-form mard- and that the above word is actually two words: már (mar-) for "home, house", whereas mar (mard-) for "earth, world".