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Biographical Information
TitlesQueen of the Noldor
Deathc. Y.T. 1179, Gardens of Lórien (aged Unknown)
Physical Description
Hair colorDark
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Míriel Serindë, also spelled Þerindë, ("The Broideress" in Quenya) was the first wife of Finwë, King of the Noldor. Her son was Curufinwë, whom she called Fëanor, which means "Spirit of Fire". Miriel's hair was described as being silver in appearance, an unusual color for one of the Noldor.

After giving birth to Fëanor she wished to die, saying that the birth had taken much of strength and spirit. This was something which was impossible because, as an Elf, she was immortal within Arda. Instead her feä departed from her body, and she entered the Halls of Mandos. In essense, she had died of free will. This was seen as a shocking event by the Valar, and eventually led to the second marriage of Finwë, and from there to the Rebellion of the Noldor and the First Kinslaying.

After Finwë had been killed, Míriel was granted permission to return to life, where she entered the service of Vairë, her task to weave all the deeds of the House of Finwë in the Tapestry of Time.


           Finwë = MÍRIEL
              Fëanor = Nerdanel
   |          |          |           |           |          |         |
   |          |          |           |           |          |         |
Maedhros    Maglor   Celegorm    Caranthir    Curufin     Amrod     Amras