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In the years after the great gathering of Men in East Beleriand at the place called Estolad, Malach Aradan led his followers away into the north and west, and settled in the distant, mist-shrouded land of Hithlum. Magor was Malach's son, and he too had a desire to wander: he led a part of his father's people away from Hithlum and southward down the River Sirion. They settled among the southern foothills of the Ered Wethrin, the Mountains of Shadow that formed the southern wall of Hithlum.

Magor's descendants would return over the Mountains: his grandson Hador entered the service of Fingolfin, and was made Lord of Dor-lómin, a land that formed a southern offshoot from Hithlum itself. From Magor's famous grandson his people took their name - the House of Hador - but in truth their line stretched back several generations to Magor and his own ancestors.