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Malach Aradan (First Age mid-300s) was the son and heir of Marach of the Third House of the Edain, and the ancestor of the House of Hador and its descendants. He was the older brother of Imlach and father of Adanel and Magor. Malach spent fourteen years with the Elves in Hithlum, where he learned to speak Elvish, and was given the name Aradan (Quenya for "Noble Man"). After the death of his father, however, he returned to Estolad, where he later left with many of the Third House north, back to Hithlum.


             |           |
             |           |
 Meldis = MALACH       Imlach
        |                |
   _____|_____           |
  |           |          |
  |           |          |
Adanel       Magor     Amlach