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{{disambig-two|the [[Tolkien Society]]'s academic journal|the tree|[[Mallorn]]}}<br/>{{journal
{{disambig-two|the [[Tolkien Society]]'s academic journal|the tree|[[Mallorn]]}}
| name=Mallorn
| name=Mallorn
| image=
| image=
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==External links==
==External links==
* [ Official website]
* [ ''Mallorn'' at the Tolkien Society]
* [ Tolkien Society homepage]
* [ ''Mallorn'' at the Tolkien Collector's Guide]
[[Category:Mallorn issues]]
[[fi:Mallorn (Tolkien Society)]]

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This article is about the Tolkien Society's academic journal. For the the tree, see Mallorn.
Current Editor: Henry Gee
Website: Mallorn - The Journal of the Tolkien Society
Publication Information
Publisher: The Tolkien Society
Released: October 1970 - present
Frequency: biannually
Format: A4 stapled paperback
Pages: up to 64
ISSN: 0308-6674
Mallorn is a literary and academic journal published by The Tolkien Society and edited by the author of The Science of Middle Earth, Henry Gee.

Mallorn was traditionally published annually, but a recent change of format has meant Mallorn is now published bi-annually in the spring and autumn (posted to Tolkien Society members with the September and March editions of Amon Hen).


"It considers reviews, comment, scholarly articles, original poetry, artwork and original fiction (excluding fan fiction). Unsolicited material is welcome"
Mallorn, no. 46, Autumn 2008, p. 3

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