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Mallorn 26

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Mallorn 26
EditorDenis Bridoux
Cover artistPauline Baynes
PublisherThe Tolkien Society
PrinterHanway Print Centre
ReleasedSeptember 1989
FormatA4 stapled paperback
Preceded byMallorn 25
Followed byMallorn 27

Mallorn 26 is the twenty-sixth issue of the The Tolkien Society's annual journal Mallorn, published in September 1989.


  • Cover Illustration
  • Guidelines for contributors
  • Editorial
    • By: Denis Bridoux
  • Cock-and-Bull about Epic Fantasy
    • By: Madawc Williams
  • Poem: "Finrod's Farewell to Bëor"
    • By: Peter Buchs
  • "The Legendary War and the Real One"
    • By: John A. Ellison
  • "Orchestras of Middle-earth"
  • The Geographical Relation between Beleriand and Eriador
    • By: Ronald Kyrmse
  • On Illustrating Tolkien
  • Splintered Darkness
  • Books, Literature, and Literacy in Middle-Earth
  • The Religious Ritual and Practice of the Elves of Middle-earth at the time of the War of the Ring
    • By: Michael R. Hickman
  • Poem: "Spellbound"
    • By: Lynne Elson
  • Book Review: "The Return of the Shadow"
  • Book Review: "The Annotated Hobbit"
    • By: Jessica Yates
  • Book Review: "The 1990 Tolkien Calendar"
    • By: Denis Bridoux
  • Book Review: "The Treason of Isengard"
    • By: Denis Bridoux
  • Mallorn Mail: Letters to the Editor
  • Where to write
  • The Tolkien Society
  • Inside Art
    • By: Steve Lines, Lynn Close, Geraint Rees, Kirby Schroeder, Neil Loughran, K. Carmichael, Lynne Elson, Pat Wynn
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