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Mallorn 32

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Mallorn 32
Cover artistPauline Baynes
PublisherThe Tolkien Society
ReleasedSeptember 1995
FormatA4 stapled paperback, glossy
Preceded byMallorn 31
Followed byMallorn 33

Mallorn 32 is the thirty-second issue of the The Tolkien Society's journal Mallorn, published in September 1995.


  • "And the Word was Made Flesh"
    • By: Clive Tolley
  • "The Fall from Grace — Decline and Fall in Middle-earth: Metaphors for Nordic and Christian theology in The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion"
    • By: Len Stanford
  • "An Ethnically Cleansed Faery? Tolkien and the Matter of Britain"
  • "Ring Verses: A competition and call for contributors"
    • By: Pat Reynolds
  • "Ring Verses: A competition and call for contributors"
    • By: Patricia Reynolds
  • Letters
  • "Notes Toward a History of the Easterlings"
  • About the authors
  • Inside Art
    • By: Ian Collier, Tom Sherry, Ruth Lacon.
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