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Jill Thwaites - 32, 33 <br>
Jill Thwaites - 32, 33 <br>
Karin Kunde - 55
Karin Kunde - 55
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Editorial Virtual history Arnor: the Numenorean inheritance

Marjorie Willetts

Reviews Traitors and translators"; three German versionf of LOR

Susanne Stopfel

Analysis The Road goes ever on ... The 'Journey' motive in LOR

John Ellison

Virtual botany Botanical notes on the Mallorn

Beth Russell

Analysis Arthur and Aragorn: Arthurian influence in LOR

Richard J. Finn

A history of song: transmission of memory in Middle-earth

Michael Cunningham

Social studies Tolkien's women (and men): the film and the book

Jane Chance

Current affairs Gandalf as torturer: the ticking bomb terrorist and due process in The Lord of the Rings

Adam Rosman

Hobbit studies Merry in focus: on Ring fever ... and being overlooked

Hilary Longstaff

Middle-earth astronomy Tolkien's Burning Briar: an stronomical explanation

Kirstine Larsen

Middle-earth astronomy Tolkien's Burning Briar: an astronomical explanation

Kristine Larsen

Perspectives on reality in Lord of the Rings

Gerardo Barajos Garrido

About the authors

Artists Pauline Baynes - Front cover
Kay Woollard - IFC, 1
Lorenzo Daniele - 9, 45
Jef Murray - 5, 13, 41
John Ellison - 17, 50, back cover
Jill Thwaites - 32, 33
Karin Kunde - 55

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