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Mallorn 43

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Mallorn 43 is the fourty-third issue of the Tolkien Society's journal, released July 2005.


  • About the Tolkien Society
  • Editorial
  • Virtual history
    • Arnor: the Numenorean inheritance
      • By: Marjorie Willetts
  • Reviews
    • Traitors and translators: three German versions of LOR
      • By: SST
  • Analysis
    • The Road goes ever on ... The 'Journey' motive in LOR
      • By: John Ellison
  • Virtual botany
    • Botanical notes on the Mallorn
      • By: Beth Russell
  • Analysis
    • Arthur and Aragorn: Arthurian influence in LOR
      • By: Richard J. Finn
    • A history of song: transmission of memory in Middle-earth
      • By: Michael Cunningham
  • Social studies
    • Tolkien's women (and men): the film and the book
      • By: Jane Chance
  • Current affairs
    • Gandalf as torturer: the ticking bomb terrorist and due process in The Lord of the Rings
      • By: Adam Rosman
  • Hobbit studies
    • Merry in focus: on Ring fever ... and being overlooked
      • Hilary Longstaff
  • Middle-earth astronomy
    • Tolkien's Burning Briar: an astronomical explanation
      • By: Kristine Larsen
    • Perspectives on reality in Lord of the Rings
      • By: Gerardo Barajos Garrido
  • About the authors

  • Artists

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