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Mallorn 51

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*** By: Chad Chisholm
*** By: Chad Chisholm
* '''Commentary'''
* '''Commentary'''
** "[[J.R.R. Tolkien]] and the Spanish civil war"
** "[ J.R.R. Tolkien and the Spanish civil war]"
*** By: [[José Manuel Ferrández Bru]]
*** By: [[José Manuel Ferrández Bru]]
** "''There and Back Again'' and other travel books of the 1930s"
** "''There and Back Again'' and other travel books of the 1930s"

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Mallorn 51
EditorHenry Gee
Cover artistBecky Hitchin
PublisherThe Tolkien Society
PrinterThe Printed Word, Horsham, UK
ReleasedSpring 2011
FormatA4 stapled paperback, glossy
Preceded byMallorn 50
Followed byMallorn 52

Mallorn 51 is the fifty-first issue of the The Tolkien Society's biannual journal Mallorn, published in Spring 2011.


  • Cover Art
    • Horse and Riders
      • By: Becky Hitchin
  • Editorial
  • Reviews
  • Commentary
  • Poetry
    • "The Paths of the Dead"
      • By: Tuilinde
  • Fiction
    • "How many beans make five"
      • By: Elizabeth Counihan
    • "The tale of Aud Sigurdsdottir"
      • By: Diane Forest-Hill
    • "Snicker-Snack and the Queen of Egypt"
      • By: Jeff Crook
  • Well, I'm back
  • Inside Art
    • By: Bernadette Barnes, Phyllis Berka, Henry Gee, Becky Hitchin, Alan Hyde, Teresa Kirkpatrick, Glendon Mellow, Jef Murray, Colin Sullivan
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