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Maps of Middle-earth

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|title=Maps of Middle-Earth
|title=Maps of Middle-Earth
|image=[[Image:Maps of Middle Earth.jpg|200px]]
|image=[[Image:Maps of Middle Earth.jpg|225px]]
|author=[[Daniel Reeve]]
|author=[[Daniel Reeve]]

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Maps of Middle-Earth
Maps of Middle Earth.jpg
AuthorDaniel Reeve

Maps of Middle-earth is an accessory for Decipher's The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game.

From the publisher

Drawn by renowned illustrator Daniel Reeve – the official cartographer for The Lord of the Rings films – the six 17" x 22" archival quality collector's maps cover The Shire, West Gondor, East Gondor, Rohan, Eregion, and Mordor. The boxed set includes the six folded maps and a 32-page guide to the lands of Middle-earth, including keys to each of the maps.