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[[Category:Masculine names]]
[[Category:Masculine names]]

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Marhari (Third Age 17701856, aged 86 years) was a Northman of the Kingdom of Rhovanion and a member of the royal house. His distant ancestor was King Vidugavia.

In Third Age 1856, a tribe of Easterlings called the Wainriders invaded from the East. Marhari led the soldiers of Rhovanion, together with the armies of Gondor under King Narmacil II, against the invaders at the Battle of the Plains. The battle was a disaster, as Narmacil was killed and Marhari fell in his rearguard. The Wainriders than overran Rhovanion and enslaved its people.

Marhari's son Marhwini led a group of refugees west to the Vales of Anduin. They would become the Éothéod, the ancestors of the mighty Riders of Rohan.


  Marhwini, first Lord of the Éothéod


Marhari is a Gothic name meaning 'horse-soldier'. The first element is related to English "mare" (see mearas). The second element -hari is a simplified version of Gothic -harya "armyman, warrior" (seen also in Vinitharya) to indicate a later age.

In Old English this element became -here and is seen in the later Rohirric name Dúnhere which translates as "hill warrior"